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The Caravan Brunch

To get the most out of the Caravan experience, you should use all of your sensations. The main ones for us are smell and taste.
As children we all looked forward to the moment when we would go to grandma’s house and taste the delicious food that she cooked just for us. The French toast she was preparing for us every morning, the tsoureki (sweetbread) that she was kneading leaving behind a wonderful smell at the entire house, the strapatsada (scrambled eggs), the crispy spanakopita (spinach pie) and of course the rose spoon sweet. These memories have been accompanying us for years until adulthood but eventually we haven’t managed to attain the cooking skills of grandma. However, memories are always triggered by specific smells and tastes. We missed our beloved grandmother’s food and that’s why we created The Caravan Brunch. Flavors from our childhood mixed with modern flavors that always leave us with this sweet memory in the end. The Caravan Brunch is here for a magical journey of flavors through space-time by Antonis Moustakis.